Jennifer is amazingly gentle and generous in class.  Her flow is perfect, addressing everyone and their needs in a supportive way.  Most amazing is her attention to detail and concern with well being of others.  I leave feeling cared for, refreshed and renewed.

Eren Skaggs

Jennifer calmly cultivates awareness, strength and a mindful approach in her yoga class.  You will leave stronger, calmer and with a greater ease than when you walked in.

Stephanie Benware

Jennifer's sequencing is clear and concise with direction.  Easy to follow with a specific point in mind, her flow was the perfect challenge for me on a tired, slow morning, yet enough to wake me up.  Her prior teaching skills in fitness are a perfect professional addition.  I really enjoyed sharing Yoga with her.

Tammy Romer

Jennifer provides a warm, welcoming environment suitable to people of all types.  Her unique style allows her to connect with each of her students on an individual level.  I highly recommend Jennifer's classes, let hr help you reach your optimal state of balance and well-being.

Alex Rudolph

Jennifer's all levels Yoga class is spontaneous and creative. Jenifer is both soft and hard in her approach.  All backgrounds, levels and abilities will truly appreciate the time, focus and energy she brings to each pose.  Her sequences are both challenging and spontaneous.

Michelle Maue, Clayton Yoga

Jennifer puts a great deal of thought into preparing for each practice; in order to make it enjoyable for everyone. She keeps it interesting and challenging, so each practice is never the same. From week to week you never know what new pose she will challenge you with.Since starting yoga my flexibility and strength has increased significantly, my arms, abs and legs have definition and overall I just feel better.


What others think about the

 Yoga instructor


​Everyone needs to give Yoga a try!  My flexibility has increased incredibly!  I can actually touch my toes!  I have also found the breathing has helped me with my weight training which I used to dread.

                                    Julie Eggebrecht