It's easy to Talk the Talk, but if you really want it - you have to "walk the Walk"!

Walk the Walk is a lifestyle program in which we make small, reasonable changes that have a big impact on our health and well-being.

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Spring 2016 Participant - lost 21.4 lbs and 14 inches!

"I went into this program thinking I already knew what I should be doing with nutrition and exercise, but ended up learning so many new things. Jen is an awesome coach and motivator with lots of individualized attention! I liked the program so much that I am already excited to do it one more time."

​J. L.

* "I feel better and have a lot more energy"

* "My weight is not yo-yoing…. I finally feel stable with my weight. And I’m losing it but not fast pace…. Slow and steady"


* "Jennifer has opened my eyes to so many different things. What I thought would be good for me  and it turns out it’s not"

                                    Stacey                                                    Clinton

"So nice to have 12 weeks of no nonsense advice, counsel, and encouragement. I highly recommend the program and challenge you to give it a chance, especially if you are tired of yo yo diets and lose weight fast garbage! "

                                 Dan Mai

                                  54 year old Male

                                  20 lbs lost!

Walk the Walk is a LIFESTYLE program, not a diet.  Diets have a beginning and an end, this why they typically do not work.  Whether you're looking for more energy, better health or weight management - we can help!  This is a 8 week program that is done online - you will receive individual goals and support directly via email, or phone if you prefer.  We also have a private, closed group Facebook page where you will receive group support, motivation, helpful articles and information.  We teach you how to live a more healthful life, a lifestyle you can maintain on your own with an understanding of why and how habits and diet work for you and your body.

"Jennifer, as our session comes to a close I want to thank you for letting me be a part of this learning experience. So much good info to take forward and apply to our busy lives. I have several successes to share. No Diet Pepsi since 5/14, protein in the morning, lots more water, much less bread and trying more ways to incorporate vegetables into our meals. I have lost 15 lbs which I don't want to find again! Even at 67 I'm still a work in progress. I hope to meet you sometime."

FINAL numbers 17 lbs lost!

Forever grateful,


8 weeks into this program I have more energy, my joints don't ache, I feel stronger, less bloated and I have lost weight.  All of this by making small changes that are easy to do.

​After 12 weeks Holly lost 14 lbs and 9.5 inches!

                       Holly Lennartz